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Oriane Livingston was born in Paris. The young Oriane grew up in France surrounded by books. She wanted to be a writer from an early age and, at six years old, began to keep a journal of her dreams and write poetry. Shortly thereafter, Oriane wrote her first compilation of short stories, winning various children literary awards. Obsessed with the origins of our universe, her earliest storytelling revolves around cosmological tales.




She initially trained as a ballet dancer and in classical theatre acting while her innate idealism led her to study law. She first practiced law as a criminal defense attorney in Paris upon graduation from UCLA Law School, prior to focusing on writing and cinema. She subsequently served as a creative advisor for several film studios in Los Angeles before moving to Rome to work with Aurelio and Luigi de Laurentiis, the renowned film producers and owners of the Naples soccer team.


While in Rome, she collaborated with cult director Abel Ferrara on several screenplays and wrote her first novel, "Cinderella in Hollywood", which was published to critical acclaim by French major publisher XO Editions under her pen name Elena Klein. In 2019, she joined the Slauson Rec Theatre Company, an experimental theatre lab founded by actor Shia LaBeouf, where she co-created and performed in a play crafted by using the Moment Work method of playwright Moises Kaufman. "The Guardians of Earth" is her second novel. 


She has lived in Rome, Beijing, New York and Los Angeles, trying to make sense of the world. Oriane now resides in Los Angeles and speaks French, English, and Italian fluently. She holds dual citizenship.

Literature, theatre, cinema, and her dog are the great loves of her life. Oriane is a vegan and an environmental advocate. She practices yoga and meditation. "Writing is a form of activism", she has said about her work. 

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